Our goal is to enhance the health and quality of life for our members, through a variety of class offerings set to inspire and motivate.

We want our studio to be your second home. We strive to have the cleanest facility, friendliest staff and most highly qualified instructors in town.  We offer child care for most classes so there's one less thing for you to worry about.

Experience the health benefits that come with your daily pulse check. Try a class today to transform your mind, body and heart.  

Become the best image of yourself

Everybody has a different outcome in mind - from meeting health or fitness goals to mental clarity, to just having fun while moving.

 At Pulse, we help you capture your vision by offering a variety of different class formats and instruction with modifications to suit anyone who walks through our doors.  

Our instructors go through extensive training to ensure each class offered is fresh, motivating, and applicable to different levels of fitness.  

No one should feel like they aren't strong enough, young enough, or flexible enough to have success at Pulse.  At our yoga and fitness studio we hope there will always be a class that's just right for where you are.  

This is what sets Pulse apart from any other fitness program in Marysville.  

See how Pulse Yoga / Fitness can help you meet your goals today.